Unlike airlines, we don’t calculate our rates according to supply and demand, but rather according to the specific service that you receive in return.

And you will also still benefit from the value of this service long after it has been provided. This is reflected in sustainable knowledge transfer, a mutual understanding and lasting exchanges.

Words have an effect. Long after having been spoken.

I will be happy to provide answers to all of your questions as well as concrete offers.

Rates and contact

For interpreting enquiries, I ideally require the following details:

  • When (date) ?
  • Where (location) ?
  • How long (duration/time)?
  • W Which languages, i.e. from which language(s) into which language(s)?
  • How many participants in total?
  • How many participants are likely to require headsets?

For translation enquiries, I ideally require the following details:

  • How long is the text? As we calculate the price according to standard lines, it would be perfect if you were able to send the text. Only then will we be able to provide reliable information.
  • Which languages: what language is the source text written in and into which language(s) should it be translated?
  • By when do you need the translation a.) ideally and b.) at the latest?


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